Monday, 20 June 2011

Understanding the complexities of HIV/AIDS related information behaviour (by Robinah K. Namuleme)

My doctoral study seeks to generate in-depth knowledge of the real world “lived information experiences” of people affected by HIV/AIDS. I am using ethnographic approaches to understand the complexities of HIV/AIDS related information behaviour within the context of people’s lives.

This research is very important because it is a clear demonstration of ways in which Social Science can come help to solve problems in Society. This study generated rich data illuminating the complex nature of HIV and AIDS-related information behaviour. 

The initial impact of this study is a successful 3-month community outreach project proposal “Fighting HIV on an information front”, funded from the Roberts PGR placement fund. I am convinced that the findings of my research have the potential to support innovations in society including health information design, health information management practice, policy and strategy.