Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Post viva questionnaire - responses from Halima St Egberongbe

Post-viva questionnaire - responses

What is the title of your thesis?
An investigation of  quality management (QM) approaches in university libraries in south western Nigeria

Can you provide an abstract (for inclusion in this blog)?
This exploratory research project used a case study of university libraries in south western Nigeria, to explore the QM techniques applied by university libraries in managing their procedures as well as the types of approaches used to ensure service quality.  A mixed- methods two-phase case study design was used to address both research questions and objectives of the study.  Three methods of data collection are described:  An initial online quantitative survey with heads of 24 university libraries; second qualitative face-to-face semi-structured in-depth interviews with 15 university librarians and 10 focus group sessions (73 participants).   Findings suggest that respondents were aware of QM practices, service delivery and its impact on the mission and vision of respective host institutions.  There were no quality management tools in place for use in Nigerian university libraries.  Application of QM principles in the university libraries was not in line with any best practice to shape QM and as such could not lead to consistent/systematic QM implementation.  Two proposed models of QM implementation are described:   A proposed QM framework for university libraries in south western Nigeria; and a maturity model to help in post-implementation assessment of QM maturity levels of the libraries.  This study demonstrates that the concept of QM is quite germane to the development of the university library system though a number of factors (internal and external) have inhibited the process of its implementation, for which government intervention is recommended to aid its realisation.

 How long did you spend preparing for your viva?
I read through my thesis over the Christmas break  and tried to identify possible areas of
interrogation, for which I made notes. Then I re-read my literature review, methodology discussion and conclusion chapters during the week before the viva.  During the same week , I met with my supervisors, had a presentation with my research group and discussion with a few colleagues, all of which were indeed very helpful.

How long did your viva take?
1 hour 40 minutes.

Did the examiners concentrate on any particular section of your thesis? If so, which?
Apart from the initial interrogation, the remaining session was mainly discussion that bordered on policy issues and the feasibility of the study.

Can you describe any part of your viva where you were pleased with your performance?
I was very pleased with my response on what motivated me to embark on the study; methodology; and sampling of participants for the study.

What was it you did that pleased you?
My responses generated interesting discussions on the study which gave me opportunity to provide  further explanations on the study.

Can you describe any part of your viva where you were dissatisfied with your performance?
I was asked to provide a further explanation of a specific word while defining a concept. I struggled a bit and gave up because I did not want to goof.

What was it you did that dissatisfied you?
My inability to answer that bit of the question on the spur of that moment. Though it was early into the interview, I did not allow that to affect my posture, because my earlier responses had received positive nods from my examiners.

Please give an example of a question that you found hard.
My examiners wanted to know why my contributions and recommendations were not strong enough.

Why was it hard?
I was asked to restate my contributions and recommendations and could not, at that moment go beyond what I already have in the thesis

What was the outcome of your viva?
I passed, subject to minor corrections.

Please give some examples of the sort of corrections you need to make (if any).

Strengthening the conclusion chapter, particularly in terms of contribution and future research.

Some issues with referencing.

Corrections to typos and errors that required further proof reading.

Do you have any tips for looking and feeling confident in front of the examiners?
Try to take a good rest the day before, dress decently and be well composed 

Can you think of any good advice that you would give to students who are preparing for their viva?

Seek guidance from your supervisors for clarification on any issues prior to your viva
Try to ensure adequate revision of your work, by not leaving preparation too close to your viva