Thursday, 10 March 2011

A cross-cultural case study on the degree of knowledge sharing openness and externalisation methods in the financial services industry (by Alex Schauer)

The study examines the degree of knowledge sharing willingness of staff in a single organisation across different national cultural backgrounds.

Positioning of research
Several studies have investigated specific factors that affect staff willingness to share knowledge; however it seems that none have embarked on a cross-cultural study encompassing individual, team, organisational and
national influences.  The aim of this thesis is to address this gap and provide a consistent framework that can be applied to future research studies.

Research design
The research design has not been finalised as yet, however a mixed method approach is anticipated.  This involves using both interviews and an online survey questionnaire.

Interviewees would be selected based on differing departmental categories and hierarchies in order to obtain a broad spectrum of data.

The questionnaire would be distributed to all participating national company subsidiaries to either obtain initial results or confirm qualitative findings.

Anticipated outcomes
From an academic point of view, this research will be the first study to develop and test a formative scale of knowledge sharing willingness. In comparison to a reflective latent construct, this study aims at incorporating all validated indicators into this study to form an index score.

From a managerial perspective the study allows practitioners to objectively measure the current situation in regards to staff willingness to share knowledge in a particular country subsidiary.  In addition to obtaining an
overall measure, this tool allows managers to obtain readings on the individual factors that affect the overall score.  With this, managers can concentrate their efforts to enhance these low-scoring factors to boost
overall knowledge sharing willingness.

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