Monday, 13 August 2012

Wikipedians in residence

Whenever academics gather to talk about the issue of trust and online evaluation, discussion seems to shift to Wikipedia.  I was surprised to learn that increasingly, illustrious bodies such as the British Museum and the British Library are appointing Wikipedians in residence.  The British Museum adopted the practice after realizing that the Wikipedia article on the Rosetta Stone attracted five times as many visitors in one month than the official site (Hitchcock, 2011).  Such a policy is presumably a pragmatic response to concerns over the reliability of Wikipedia.


  1. By coincidence, I've just heard about a couple of afternoon AHRC Wikipedia training workshops, to be led by the British Library's Wikipedian in Residence, on Friday 3 September 2012 and Friday 12 October 2012. More information is available at:
    Although this webpage refers specifically to AHRC fundholders, I understand that all researchers or academics are welcome to apply to attend the events.

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