Monday, 18 March 2013

Ethics case studies

I thought this was an interesting project: The Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (TORRII) "A repository of information and methods about responsible research and innovation (RRI) in information and communication technologies." The website includes some descriptions of how particular issues have been dealt with in research projects. I just skimmed a few, but I noticed this exercise in:
Read, J.C. "The ABCD approach to working ethically with children in ICT research and development".
They identified key decisions and asked why, then gave the "excuse" and the "to be honest (tbh)" answers. e.g."What platform are we using? Answer; Android tablets
"Why this platform? Answer (Excuse for use) it will engage children (this would be their first exposure to this technology) and the technology has low power needs; Answer (tbh version) we want to showcase the work of our technology group"
There are also material relevant e.g. to those studying social network data.

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