Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Factors that lead to ERP replacement in Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia: A case study (by Arwa Mohammed J Aljohani)

The use of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) has increased substantially over the last few decades. A review of literature relating to Information Systems (IS) and ERPs has confirmed that few research studies have considered ERP in Higher Education: most have focused on their use in business.  In addition, the literature tends to concentrate on issues relating to the adoption of ERP, with a particular emphasis on success stories. Consequently, studies that focus on problems and difficulties associated with the replacement of ERPs, particularly in HEIs, are rare.

Knowledge of the decision making processes associated with ERP replacement is clearly of value to those who have to make the decisions, yet little is known about how and why such decision are made, or about the factors that influence them.  This study aims to fill some of these gaps.  The researcher seeks to investigate the causes and consequences of ERP replacement in a Saudi Arabian HEI.  Data relating to the case study at the heart of this project comes from 17 semi-structured interviews analysed using a Grounded Theory (GT) approach.

The study aspires to make both theoretical and practical contributions to the field.  In particular, it will increase understanding of decision-making processes in HEIs by helping to identify why and when they should consider replacing their ERP systems. A framework is being developed that will help identify factors and issues that should be considered before the decision to replace is made. The study therefore has clear practical value to decision-makers in HEIs and will help to ensure efficient use and exploitation of current systems, and safe adoption of new ones. The research should also be of relevance to system vendors, who have a clear interest in the use of ERP in higher education.      


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