Friday, 18 February 2011

iSchool researchers meetings - What next?

Many thanks to the nine research staff and students who joined me in the Wilf Saunders room last Friday.  I think most of us enjoyed the discussion (and chocolate marshmallows).

Thanks in particular to Mark, Simon and Liz B for their talks.  From my perspective, the most interesting part of the ensuing discussion took place on the intellectual ground between Simon and Liz's research.  Simon (as can be seen from his contribution to this blog) has been researching recommender systems for a digital library catalogue.  Liz's research is in bibliotherapy, and it occurred to me that there might be a role for recommender systems there.  However, according to Liz, use of ICT amongst the people she is researching is very low, regardless of their age group.  I was left wondering whether this is an artefact of the selection process or whether it was more significant.

We also discussed the future of the group.  There was a suggestion (which received general support) that it be moved to a late afternoon spot so that those who wished could adjourn to a still more informal setting. (The Red Deer wasn't specifically named but I got the impression that it was being considered).   With that in mind, I've booked the Wilf Saunders room for 16.30 on Thursday, 10 March.

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  1. Having just run an academic library introduction session for a further 15 mental health service users from Sheffield, I can confirm that further research reveals a disinclination to engage with ICT. I can also provide further anecdotal evidence of (young) people with mild mental health problems disliking computerised cognitive behavioural therapy.

    I actually think it might be more widespread than my research shows, for reasons I am happy to explore with people (it involves listening me to talk about my sampling strategy though - I don't want to inflict it on the researchers' meeting unbidden...)

    I also think there's an issue for both my work and Simon's, about when and where recommendations are welcome at all!