Friday, 4 February 2011

Sheffield iSchool researchers

It is becoming increasingly common for university departments to establish informal sessions in which researchers are encouraged to gather, consume beverages (hot or cold), and eat biscuits or (in rich departments) cakes.  With the blessing of the iSchool's research committee, I am now trying to instigate monthly meetings.

On Friday 11 February at 11am, researchers are invited to a discussion session to take place in Room 324 (Prof Wilf Saunders Meeting Room).  The aim of the session is to encourage as many people as possible to share their thoughts on the specifics and generalities of research.  Anyone with an involment in the department's research is invited, ranging from 1st year PhDs to Professors Emeritus. 

To frame the discussion, I am suggesting that 4 volunteers speak for c4 minutes each, on one of the following:
  • My research - either a general introduction to the speaker's project, or a brief update.
  • Barriers and hurdles - problems that the speaker has encountered, or has recently overcome.
  • Research in the news - not necessarily related to information sciences.
  • Reflections on experience - "What I know now that I wish I'd known then".
As well as asking the four contributors to speak for c4 minutes, I'll also ask them to send me around 400 words for inclusion in this blog.  That way, anyone unable to attend can still contribute to the discussion.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this, and I look forward to seeing you on Friday 11th.  Bring a drink.

Andrew Madden


  1. What biscuits are you bringing, Andrew? Interested minds want to know!

  2. Thanks to Liz for raising such an important matter. Considerable thought is being expended on this issue. The only thing can be stated with certainty is that there will be no Rich Teas or Custard Creams. Also, there has been a recommendation that no Jammy Dodgers be provided. This is under review.

  3. Why no Jammy Dodgers?! Is it for fear that there would be an unseemly fracas? If so, I think this is more likely to occur without Jammy Dodgers than with them.

  4. Liz - please note: it is only a recommendation against the provision of Jammy Dodgers. My reporting of the recommendation should not be taken as indicative of my support. Furthermore, I have now been informed that the correct terminology is "Jammie Dodger". I apologise to any biscuits that might have been offended by my error.

    Should there be a strong voice in favour of Jammy Dodgers , that too will be taken into account. This, after all, is intended to be an open (and open-minded) forum.

  5. I hope the department is not going to schism into pro- and anti-Jammie Dodger factions.

  6. PS This is the other Liz. My Google personality does not appear to feature my surname; I should rectify this. I don't wish Liz B to end up taking the blame for any rash remarks I may make under ambiguous nomenclature.

  7. Oh! I've only just caught up on the ambiguous nature of Lizzi (which may or may not be the plural of 'Liz') on this blog. Sort it out Chapman!

  8. I thought this was a really good session this morning - thank you very much to Mark, Simon, Andrew and Liz for the excellent presentations. The marshmallows were nice, too.